Viewpoint: Police need the public's help

We're all fed up with crime. But are you willing to do something about it? There are ways you can take a stand and take back your neighborhood.

Police need the public's help to solve crimes. If you see something or know something that could help a police investigation, and fear or apathy keeps you from speaking up, you're helping the criminals. If you can help police, do it.

Recently, leaders in Albany and Dougherty County honored Neighborhood Watch leaders. They say Neighborhood Watches are vital to preventing crime and keeping communities safe. Nearly every local law enforcement agency in our area will help you set up a group. If your neighborhood doesn't have one, start one. If there's an active group in your area, join it.

After a string of murders in Valdosta and a mass shooting that killed one person and wounded ten others, the city council created a task force on violence. They want the community to work together to find ways to stop the violence.

Neighborhoods won't be safe as long as the people who live in them are willing to put up with crime. You can make a difference. Work with the cops, join a neighborhood watch, or find another way to make it clear to criminals they're not welcome in your community.