Viewpoint: Making a ministry through the movies

Albany's Sherwood Baptist Church is about to start production on its fourth movie. Church leaders continue to hear from people around the world who say the last movie, "Fireproof," saved their marriages.

The next movie, entitled "Courageous," will encourage men to step up and take leadership roles in their families and be dedicated husbands and loving fathers.

Nowhere is that message more needed than right here in south Georgia where the divorce rate is sky high and too many deadbeat dads leave their kids and their mothers to fend for themselves.

Maybe "Courageous" will make tens of millions of dollars at the box office and sell two and a half million DVD's like "Fireproof". Maybe it won't. That's not what the producers set out to do. They want to change lives and help families.

They've done it before, and we have every confidence they'll do it again . . . once again making us proud that Albany is becoming known as the home of movies with a positive message