Bargain hunters shop Black Friday deals

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – If shopping was a sport Black Friday would be the championship.

The games got underway at the mall and several other stores in Albany early Friday morning.

"I had to be here," said Ashley Saint, Black Friday Shopper.

"Clothes, toys, everything," said Ethel Robinson, Black Friday Shopper.

The hunt for deals started early for Billie Justice.

"Got here at 2:30 am to be at Old Navy at three," said Justice.

An early morning call a lot of shoppers hope will pay off.

"I'm buying pretty much everything today," said Justice.

And the shopping wasn't the hard part.

"There were fleeces, buy one get one free," said Justice.

For most these bargain hunters it's all planned out.

"We were going to leave there and go to Sears at four for the comforters," said Justice.

But with this much foot traffic there are always long lines.

"Walmart was not fun, the lines were all the way to the back of the store," said Saint.

"I called my husband and said if it costs $20 more, we'll get it tomorrow I'm sorry," said

Despite setbacks she's walking away with a bag full of gifts for Christmas.

But for some deals you just can't wait.

"We got $100 down comforters for $20," said Justice

"We got a suede coat for $40 it was regularly $140," said Saint.

Not everyone out and about on Black Friday are the ones doing the shopping.

"Waiting on my wife," said Edward Mumpherey.

Edward Mumpherey could just as well be at home, but says he doesn't mind one bit waiting while his wife shops.

"It's been 48 years, you get use to it," said Mumpherey.

And shoppers never get tired, of black Friday deals.

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