Viewpoint: The little chemical company that could

WALB recently reported on a high-tech small business in Albany that's growing and setting an example for others who may have found themselves affected by the recent economic downturn.

Whether your company closed altogether or if you were a part of a downsizing, you can use your talents and skills to turn the page in your life! This story is a refreshing change to the many stories that we have to report on layoffs, downsizing and closures across the country.

Equinox Chemicals is about to start a $5 million expansion! If you've not heard of Equinox, it is a custom chemical company that does research and manufacturing for companies across the world.

They design and prepare chemicals and organic molecules for things like fragrances and flavors.

The company came into being after founder, Mark Grimaldi left Merck in 2003 and set out on his own, starting with three employees and now has 33.

Equinox is now expected to add dozens of new employees in the next year, in spite of a struggling economy, because Grimaldi says they need significant increases in employees to meet new orders. By the end of 2010, they expect to add 40 high paying jobs like Ph.D. chemists and engineers, sales, and marketing professionals.

According to economic developers in Albany and Dougherty County, companies such as this help our community dig its way out of recession.

And for those of you down and out about the current job market, we hope this is an inspiration to you and serves as a source of encouragement - a new start may actually be the start of something bigger and better!