Parker's Heating and Air

$1500.00 TAX CREDIT

Invest now in a new high efficient heat pump or furnace system and qualify for up to $1500.00 in tax credits.  This is very similar to the cash for clunkers program that was so popular.  It allows homeowners to invest in high efficiency comfort systems at about the same price as a standard efficiency system.  Our customers save money on the front end and then every month on there home utility bills.


The cost of electricity has risen 30% over the past 5 years.  Energy experts predict these costs to rise another 25% over the next 5-10 years.  With the $1500.00 tax credit, there is no better time to replace your old inefficient comfort system.


Don't know if you need a new system, call us here at Parker's Heating and Air and we will dispatch one of our N.A.T.E. certified service technicians to your home.  We will conduct a comprehensive 20-point inspection of your comfort system.  Ask our technician about enrolling in our planned maintenance program and we will keep your system performing at its best for your family.


If your comfort system needs replacing and you are currently enrolled in our planned maintenance program, you will receive $250.00 off your new high efficient comfort system.  This is Parker's Heating and Air own stimulus plan to help you save on those monthly utility bills.


Parker's Heating and Air service & install technicians are EPA certified and understand what it takes to help protect our environment.  We have invested over $40,000 in recycling and recovery equipment and we return over 1,800 pounds of Freon each year as opposed to venting it to the atmosphere.  We also recycle over 98 tons of steel, copper, cardboard and aluminum each year rather than filling our landfills.