Viewpoint: Election turnout still needs improvement

As we watched newcomer Christopher Pike easily defeat Arthur Williams in a landslide, it is encouraging that what also won, was Pike's positive approach to the campaign.

He ran on his ideas for future progress and cooperation, not dwelling in the past combative, and divisive approach Williams was known for.

Pike also would not address William's failure to pay or even discuss his decade old $100K in back taxes. This was a smart move, as most had already judged Williams unfit to run for office in the first place.

What is troubling is that only 12% of that precinct turned out to vote in that ward, and some won re-election due to no challengers.

We think more upsets in commission races would have developed, if only more citizens would have stepped up to run for their seats. There is no leverage to change bad behavior or replace them entirely, if no one else will run for elected office.

In several South Georgia counties, winners were determined by a few votes, even one vote, there was even a tie, where just one more lazy voter was needed.

What a shame that we can lose a good candidate, or new bright ideas affecting us dramatically, by only a few votes.

We say congratulations to Chris Pike in Ward 3, and all the other winners in Tuesday's elections.

Now let's maintain that enthusiasm, and put into practice, all those campaign promises.