Viewpoint: State has a big car lot

As government employees take un-paid furloughs, Georgia is still having trouble making its budget.

While this is happening, Georgia still owns more state-owned cars and trucks than any other state in southeast.

We spend millions more of our tax dollars on those vehicles than other states.

Mississippi has 7,541, Louisiana 12,740, Florida has roughly 18,000, even with twice Georgia's population, and Georgia has 20,328.

Senator Freddie Powell-Sims says with a 20,000 vehicle fleet for a state of our size there's surely somewhere cuts can be made, and we agree.

[Matt- 9/23 sound bite] "We're talking about reduction in revenue, we're talking about additional cuts for the state budget, this is a place where we can begin," said Powell-Sims.

While some departments don't have as many vehicles as others state leaders say it's the perfect time to look at how we can operate with less.

"It's time for us to say enough is enough, if you don't need it get rid of it," said Powell-Sims.

The senator said the state has tried to cut excess wheels it the past, but she doesn't believe it was done the right way.

The Department of Transportation has the most vehicles, over four thousand, and the Department of Corrections is the next highest with just under two-thousand.

Government needs to set a good example, and leaders need to remember that the state has nothing that it didn't get from the wallets of its citizens.