Viewpoint: ATM thefts are costly

The recent rash of ATM thefts from convenience stores has now made it necessary for store owners to take extra precautions.

For starters, we encourage you to follow the advice of the police and remove the money machines from your front windows.

If you place them in the rear of the store, it'll make the thieves' job much more difficult.

Secondly, these brash thefts have illustrated the importance of surveillance cameras.

Valuable video has been recovered from the majority of these thefts and will most likely a lead to an arrest.

If you don't have surveillance cameras, we encourage you to get them. If you do have them, you should make sure they are functioning properly.

And finally, there are a couple of common sense steps you can take to discourage thieves.

Have a well-lighted parking area, and remove signs posted in front windows that can serve as camouflage for thieves inside the store.

None of these things will guarantee you won't be targeted by criminals, but it will make their job a lot harder.