Viewpoint: Some sanity in Randolph school Bd.

The ridiculous struggle for power in the Randolph County School System has finally come to an end.

A judge ruled that superintendent Bobby Jenkins, who was fired by the school board in September, can no longer report to work.

The fact that Jenkins continued to show up for work after being fired, reflects arrogance, ignorance and spitefulness...three elements that don't belong in the office of the man in charge of running a public school system.

We applaud the judge for removing him from office.

And we're appalled that his lawyer, Maurice King, tried to make it a racial issue... and even went so far as to say the hearing was "akin to a lynching."

That's ludicrous and is an insult to true victims of racism.

We also agree with the judge's decision that clears the way for board chairman Henry Cook, to be replaced as chairman.

It is our hope that with these two disruptive men rendered powerless, the Randolph County School System can now move forward to focus on what's important... educating children.