WALB's Most Wanted: Randy Stovall

A Sylvester man is wanted for stealing copper from irrigation systems.

Dougherty County Police have four theft by taking warrants out for the arrest of 36-year-old Randy Stovall.

Police say he's one of three men who've been ripping copper wiring out of irrigation system pivots in Dougherty and Worth Counties.

His two accomplices are already in jail and police hope you can help them catch Stovall.

He's last lived on Youngblood Road in Sylvester and he's recently worked for a vinyl siding company here in Albany.

Stovall was charged with theft in Worth County in August and bonded out on the 18th and police say he's back at it again.

If you have any information on Randy Stovall, please call Dougherty County Police at 229-430-6600.