Viewpoint: Bad Examples and Bad Behavior

Love him or hate him, Barney, the purple dinosaur, teaches children the importance of saying please and thank you, excuse me, and other lessons on how to treat people with  respect.

It seems that Congressman Wilson, Serena Williams, Kanye West, and several others could take a lesson from Barney.

Whatever happened to treating people with respect?  Is being civil to one another no longer a "good" thing?  It would appear that way!

The three people named are just the most recent in examples of bad manners!  For Congressman Wilson, he not only was disrespectful to President Obama and the office of the presidency, but to his fellow colleagues, both democrats and republicans,  who were in total shock at his "you lie" outburst.

As Americans, we have every right not to agree with all of the policies of the highest office of the land but as Americans, at least in the past, we have still held that office with reverence.

Serena Williams, although not the first tennis player to behave badly on the court, she was the first, to our knowledge, to threaten the life of the official.. Even Roger Federer fell to the ground screaming profanities after he was defeated this week.   Again, not a good example

And Kanye West...we have seen his outbursts over and over again but somehow, his most recent outburst at the Video Music Awards seems to have taken the cake.  What was he thinking?

For these examples of "bad behavior" we need to remember that our children our looking at us and how we interact with others, even when we don't agree with them.

We can all agree to disagree but can we add disagree in a respectful way?

If not, we shouldn't be surprised when our children grow up treating others rudely  and with bad attitudes.

Again, Barney teaches lessons for our children but maybe adults need to go back to class, too!