Viewpoint: Randolph Co. school board is dysfunctional

Randolph County's dysfunctional school board is putting the future of the county's children in jeopardy. The group that accredits school systems put Randolph County on probation, and the system likely will lose its accreditation if leaders continue to take schools down the path they're on.

The school board is split into two factions who can't even agree when to meet. Here's the main problem. Board Chairman Henry Cook and Superintendent Bobby Jenkins refuse to acknowledge that the board is a democracy.

A judge even ordered the two men to jail because they insist on absolute control and ignored his order to let other members put items on meeting agendas for discussion and votes. Of course, that's illegal, but Cook and Jenkins don't care.

The majority on the board voted to change meeting times. When they showed up for the most recent meeting, the board room was locked up tight. Cook and Jenkins tried to hold their own meeting later, but without a quorum, they couldn't do anything.

It's time for these men to do what's best for the students and give up their ridiculous attempts to maintain a co-dictatorship in the Randolph County School system. The board members who are fighting Cook and Jenkins may very well fire the superintendent and choose a new chairman the first chance they get.

As duly elected representatives of the people, it's their legal right to do so. And at this point, it's probably what Mr. Cook and Mr. Jenkins and the students in Randolph County deserve.