Viewpoint: Thronateeska is a great destination

In a time when we are reporting problems associated with Albany's downtown area, we want to tip our hat to an organization that's producing good news.

Attendance at the recently expanded Thronateeska Heritage Center is up dramatically.    Thronateeska and the Wetherbee Planetarium underwent a nearly $4 million expansion and renovation from July through November that basically kept the facilities closed.

Now, they're seeing some of their largest attendance numbers in their 35-year history.

Here's Thronateeska Heritage Center's Executive Director Tommy Gregors:

"Just with the opening of the new Wetherbee Planetarium, our attendance on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday has probably tripled or quadrupled over the last several months.  And just continues to go up."

Officials think many South Georgians are looking for family fun without having to travel too far.  The new Wetherbee Planetarium is open Thursday through Saturday.

A visit to Thronateeska is fun, and educational at the same time. That it's so close to most of us is a huge bonus. We encourage everyone to see what Thronateeska has to offer.