Hawkinsville High Football

Hawkinsville High School  -

Red Devils

Hawkinsville, GA

Region:   2-A

Head Coach:  Cam Black

Coaching Staff:  David Daniell/OC, Will Conner/OC, Cote Jones, Ross Scott, Nathan Thompson, Keith Warnock, Stephen McDuffie, Brad Codey, Tony Lester

Principal:  Mary Royal

2008 Record:  3-7

Type of Offense:  Multiple-I

Type of Defense:  4-3

2009 Outlook:    We are looking to improve on a 3 -7 year.  We have 8 starters returning on offense and the offensive linemen have matured.  We need to stay healthy especially upfront.  We are going to run the ball but we still need to find a fullback and some receivers.  Defensively we will be fine upfront but our LB corp. must mature quickly.

Returning Starters:

DE:                         J'Vonne Thomas                              6'3"        220lbs                   SR

QB:                         Aaron Black                                        6'3"        180lbs                   SR

TE/DE:                   Martavious Jenkins                         6'            230lbs                   SR

C:                            Dylan Folds                                         6'3"        260lbs                   JR

G:                           Mort McLeod                                    5'10"      250lbs                   JR

G:                           Taylor Sapp                                         6'1"        220lbs                   SR

T:                            Shawn Inskeep                                 5'11"      260lbs                   JR

RB/DB:                  Fabian Forrest                                   5'8"        160lbs                   JR

DB/WR:                 Brandon Adams                                   6'2"        185lbs                   JR

DL:                          Trevis Lawson                                    5'11"      230lbs                   JR

Football Roster:

Octavious Thompkins                     SO

Sam Jackson-West                          SO

Fabian Forrest                                   JR

Earl Dupree                                        SO

Jonathan Howard                            FR

Shaquille Loving                                JR

Brandon Adams                                JR

Ken Polhill                                           JR

Malcolm Spivey                                     JR

Aaron Black                                        SR

Brandon Lawson                              SO

Eddie Griggs                                       FR

Tevin Wilcox                                       SR

Markayle Williams                           SR

Tyler Porter                                        FR

Cory Cox                                              JR

Jonathan Wright                               SO

Jamil Wright                                       SR

Don Vickers                                        JR

Ladarren Olivera                               SO

Travonte Moore                               FR

Jacob Brannen                                  SO

Martavious Jenkins                         SR

Wade Fegley                                      SO

Eriquez Woodard                             FR

Darreon Jelks                                     SR

Ben Balam                                           SR

Tyler Forrest                                      FR

J'Vonne Thomas                              SR

Mart Mcleod                                      JR

Trevis Lawson                                    JR

Chance Warnock                              FR

Brian Sanchez                                    SO

Ron Brown                                          JR

La'Darius McNair                              SO

Shawn Inskeep                                 JR

Dylan Folds                                         SO

Tyler Bentley                                     SO

Ja-Michael Scott                               FR

TJ Belcher                                            SR

Evan Anderson                                 SR

Deion Anderson                                 SO

Taylor Sapp                                         SR

Dontavious Austin                           JR

Gabriel Cortes                                   SR

Alex Andrews                                    SO

Josh B. Jones                                     JR