Viewpoint: How do Al Lott's hires stack up?

Well Mayor Willie Adams broke his silence last week on the Don Buie fiasco.

Was he outraged like we are, at what has happened? No, he said in a letter to us, we were negative, overlooking the good things that are going on here, and we should drop this and move on.

First of all the media always points out all the good that's going on, with the bad. Believe me, we could not be more embarrassed than to have to report, almost daily, the mis-management and poor leadership we are seeing.

We all know potential residents, and business or industry prospects are watching too, and are not impressed.

The City Manager & Mayor should have done much more, once this situation was discovered; both to investigate completely and communicate this to the public. Investigate like we did, to easily find out much more about Buie, and the almost daily facts uncovered about ADICA.

At some point we must ask, can all this poor decision making just be coincidence, or is it more, a lack of experience by the City Manager, Al Lott?

We have now witnessed the hiring of Police Chief Younger, Civic Center Manager Mazola, Finance Director Jones, Downtown Manager Buie, and the failure to fire Assist. Fire Chief Jolivette.

It seems Mr. Lott is either extremely unlucky or a really bad judge of character, with poor hiring practices.