Viewpoint: Cash For Clunkers

Wow!  Who knew old clunkers would rev up the car industry?  The government's "cash for clunker" program has taken off well beyond the government's expectations.

With this program, which gives the consumer the opportunity to get up to $4,500 off the sticker price of a newer car in exchange for  old gas guzzlers, the car dealerships have been overwhelmed!

So much so,  that the program has needed to get a "fill up" with additional cash for the program.

Those in the market for a new car have given car dealerships a real boost to their bottom lines.  However, the program has not come without  some the need for the extra cash to fund the program, how long can the program last,  or the pages upon pages of paperwork that is required by the dealers.

Even with those concerns, it needs to be said that for the most part, most car dealerships have been quoted as saying this is just what the Dr. ordered!

Whether or not you're in favor of this type of program, you have to admit that it's good that there's something to help stimulate the consumer's bottom line, instead of just the big banks and their big bonuses.

And from the response from both the consumer and the auto dealerships,  the "cash for clunkers" program has  been a much-needed shot in the arm.