Viewpoint: Gangster Shot

It was only a matter of time until a robber was killed by his intended victim in Albany.

With crime on the rise and more people buying guns to protect themselves, criminals need to take Saturday's shooting as a message: People are not going to stand for this.

While it's tragic anytime a human life is lost, it's unfortunate that 20-year old Christopher Childress, chose to participate in such a violent crime.

Even though his gun was a BB pistol, it looked real -  and the two men at the barrel end of that gun understandably didn't have the time to determine whether it was real.

Prosecutors have told us the robber was a member of a gang, and that this attempted robbery was possibly part of his initiation.

So to all the gang members out there - see what can happen? Your attempts at becoming members of these criminal networks can have the worst possible ending for you.

Let's not forget Reginald Richardson who was beaten to death a few weeks ago during HIS gang intiation.

So here's a word to gangsters and wannabes - we're tired of you and will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming your victims.