Viewpoint: Landfill Farming

Dougherty County is considering leasing part of the landfill to farmers.

The landfill sits on more than 800 acres on Gaissert Road in Southeastern Dougherty County.  Only about 160 acres are being used for the actual landfill.  The other 600+ acres are just buffer.

Recently, there has been interest in leasing part of the land owned by the county, that isn't actually attached to the landfill for farm use.

The Landfill Director says the idea is to monetize county assets wherever possible. Leasing the land would potentially do that, and generate much needed revenue for the county.

If this land is just sitting idle, and if the county doesn't have another good use for it, we think this is an idea worth pursuing.

The citizens aren't making any money it right now, so anything that can be earned in an agricultural lease would help the county put off potential tax increases. This seems to be a bright spot at a time when money is scarce, and citizen's groups are going to court over tax assessments.

The county plans to send out a request for bids for a lease option on the property, and we say this is good out-of-the-box thinking that ought to benefit the taxpayers of Dougherty County.

We support this effort to use county resources for the benefit of those who pay the bills, and we encourage the city, and other local governments to look around and see what they can do to monetize idle assets.