Lee pot bust will be federal case

Jakobie Shamone Owens (Source: Dougherty Jail)
Jakobie Shamone Owens (Source: Dougherty Jail)

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  $59,000 in drug money is confiscated in a Lee County raid along with TV's and expensive cars. Now drug investigators in Lee and Dougherty County want to know if they've got a group of dealers working together trying to spread out the operation to better disguise it.

Investigators say the latest bust has ties to a 50 pound marijuana bust earlier this month involving Marty Boatright.

Federal charges will be leveled at Stannis Collins and Praythia Miller. That's because this isn't their first run in with authorities. It was just about this time last year they were arrested for the same thing, distribution of marijuana.

It was a sea of green at the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Waves of 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills amounting to just shy of $59,000 in drug money, taken from the street.

"Small dealers, I mean people buying it from low income all the way up to high income people," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Investigators found only a small amount of residue when dogs from ADDU searched an Ivy Lane home in the Callaway Lakes subdivision. They arrested Praythia Miller and Stannis Collins and seized several cars and packing material.

"ADDU K-9 unit cased the area and sniffing out hit several locations in the house, which was hitting these duffle bags and suitcases," said Rachals.

Those duffle bags might be the link between operations in Dougherty and Lee Counties. Similar bags were found in Marty Boatright's Summerfield home just weeks ago. Now they want neighbors on the lookout for anything suspicious.

"Anything that looks, any kind of strange activity a lot of traffic in and out is definitely a good sign to look for. You know timing and how long they spend there," said Rachals.

Investigators say scales found in the home, indicate Miller and Collins weren't cutting up small quantities, the scales are for weighing out pounds and investigators plan to go after their supplier and who they were distributing to.

"We'd definitely like to get the big guys because that definitely puts a hurtin' to them on the street, on the lower guys," said Rachals.

Investigators from the GBI to ADDU to Lee County Drug Agents are now trying to piece together how this most recent case might relate to others.

Marty Boatright has since made bond and was released from the Lee County Jail. Both Collins and Miller have both made bond.

Information obtained in the Lee County raid send Albany-Dougherty Drug units to a Northwest Albany home, where records were seized late Friday night.

Investigators got a search warrant after learning Stannis Collins also owned this home at 2516 Elton Street. Inside investigators found several bags similar to what was found in the home on Ivy Lane and documents and computers that are now being searched. They also made an unusual discovery a polygraf machine.

"We have DCP's poligrapher coming over this afternoon to look at it and give us a professional opinion to what that machine could actually be used for or could be used for," said ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry. "If it's being used for deception you can obviously tell what it is to see if anybody's been talking to the police."

Investigators also found similar duffle bags in a Friday evening raid just two blocks away on Little John. Agents confiscated almost  three pounds of pot and $10,000 in cash. Agents arrested 23-year-Jakobie Shamone Owens and charged him with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

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