Viewpoint: Cameras are good investments

Not a day passes that we don't hear about the crime problem in our communities.

Thefts, burglaries and property crimes are rampant. And from time to time, you can see it in progress. We air news stories where business owners were smart enough to have surveillance cameras rolling.

The owners of Goo-Goo car wash caught a thief on video last week who was trying to break into their vending machine.

On Most Wanted Sunday night, you saw more surveillance video taken at Lake Park storage units on Gillionville Road.

The cameras clearly showed a man walking in and taking money out of the cash register. Videos and photos like these are invaluable tools for police.

What better way to find out who committed a crime than have a photo of them in the act?

That's why we urge all business owners to invest in surveillance cameras.

Not only do the cameras sometimes deter crime, they provide invaluable evidence when it comes to solving them.

We cannot sit back helplessly and expect police to catch every crook on the streets. Sadly, they're outnumbered.

Crime must be attacked on several fronts, and all of us need to make sure we're doing all we can to make life tough for the criminals.