Viewpoint: Public doesn't feel safe

You can hardly watch the news these days without seeing a story about another burglary in Albany.

This usually happens when people have left their home unattended, but some thieves have become so bold as to commit this crime while the residents sleep in their homes. We even reported that criminals will steal food from freezers and pantries. This happened last weekend on Beverly Avenue.

We even told you about a building owner who is faced with losing tenants because they are fed up with being victimized by crime.

The most recent available crime stats from Albany Police actually shows burglaries were down almost 18% when compared to last year, but it sure doesn't seem like it!

The public doesn't seem convinced by that statistic either. Concealed carry permits are being applied for at a pace we've never seen in Dougherty County before.

The Dougherty County Probate Court has issued 802 firearm permits so far this year and project they'll issue more than 1,600 this year.

That's more than triple the number in 2006. The Judge says many applicants are crime victims.

We call on local law enforcement to be more visible that ever before. When people see police cars patrolling and officers carefully observing and surveilling, they are likely to be more hesitant to commit criminal acts.

It's the same effect that seeing a traffic cop has when you're driving. When you see those blue lights, your foot comes off the gas pedal. Let's deter criminal mischief by showing the badge early and often.