D. A. releases tape of fatal ADDU stop

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The District Attorney today released Police dash cam video of a fatal shooting by an Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Agent in January.

Prosecutors declined to file charges against the Agent Mark Farley who shot and killed Clayton Lewis as they sped down the Liberty Bypass.

District Attorney Greg Edwards released the dash cam video from ADDU Agent Mark Farley's patrol car. January 20th Farley stopped Clayton Lewis' car after he reportedly was involved in drug activity at a Slappey Boulevard motel.

Edwards said he wanted the community to see this video, so there is no doubt the shooting was justified.

Agent Mark Farley stopped Clayton Lewis' car. Drug Agents were familiar with Lewis by his alias "Ian."

He is heard on the tape shouting "Stay in the car, stay in the car!"

Several other ADDU agents joined Farley at the traffic stop. When Agents tell Lewis to get out of the car, he cranked the car.

Agents surround the car to stop Lewis, as Farley dives in the back door of the car to try to get the keys.

Agent Vy Chu's foot is run over as Lewis speeds away. That is Farley's radio you can hear inside the car trying to get Lewis to stop.

Officers frantically radio that Farley has been kidnapped.

Officer C. Bryant jumps in Farley's car and at high speed chases after Lewis' car. As they sped down the Bypass, Farley says Lewis pulled a 40 caliber pistol from his console. Farley shot Lewis eight times, and shot himself once. The Chrysler stopped just past the Jefferson exit.

Lewis was dead, and Farley told fellow Officers what happened.  "He is obviously shot. Obviously in pain as he is relating what happened. That from my view adds credibility to what is being described,"  D. A. Greg Edwards said.

Agent Mark Farley has recovered from his wounds. He and Agent Chu remain on administrative duty at the ADDU headquarters despite being cleared of any criminal action by prosecutors.

ADDU Board Members say they continue to go over the GBI Investigation reports, and want to meet sometime in the first of July to go over their findings before they decide the Agent's future.

Agent Chu, whose foot was run over during the incident, has also recovered from his injury and returned to duty.

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