Viewpoint: Wildcats are easy money for the city

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You would think the city commission would have a very easy time renewing the contract for the South Georgia Wildcats. It's been the single biggest success for the struggling Civic Center.

Year after year the games have been exciting and brought families into Albany, from several surrounding counties.

The Wildcats games were an instant success. It was the place to be and be seen in South Georgia. Now five years later, they have had an estimated $9 million impact on Albany's economy.

Moving forward, the Wildcats are willing to book five additional events, and make capital improvements at the Civic Center.

Commissioner Howard has reservations about blindly committing to an extension in the midst of a recession. Yea that makes sense, let's not lock down sure thing.

Even worse, Commissioner Bob Langstaff said commissioners are afraid we will not able to book the Civic Center for a Saturday night concert.

"The opportunity costs I guess because you don't really know what you could be renting the facility out for, for something else. Obviously if you've got a Wildcats game Saturday night are you missing out on a concert you could have?"

Are they serious? There are no Saturday concerts at the Civic Center, the Sasser Flea market has more quality concerts.

The Commission waited until the last minute last year and finally approved a one year deal. Let's get on with it.

The city should immediately renew the Wildcats contract and be happy they do not leave Albany for another city, with leadership who knows a winner when they see one.

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