Westwood High Football

Westwood High School - Wildcats
Camilla, GA

Region:  A

Head Coach:  Ross Worsham

Coaching Staff:  Earl Ford, Mickey Davis, Glenn Davis, Russ Godwin

Principal:  Ross Worsham

2008 Record:  6-6

2009 Record-

Date Opponent     W/L Score
Aug 28  SGA L 56-33
Sep 04  Tiftarea L 14-0
Sep 11  R. F. Munroe W 52-22
Sep 18  Covenant Academy W 33-0
Sep 25  Sherwood L 20-23
Oct 02  Brookwood W 19-7
Oct 09  Randolph Southern L 23-22
Oct 16  Fullington L 46-27
Oct 23  IDLE - -
Oct 30  Terrell Academy L 21-19
Nov 06  Dawson Street W 34-28

Type of Offense:  Multiple

Type of Defense:  50

2009 Outlook:    The 2009 edition of the Westwood Wildcats will feature experience at the skill positions with good speed.  The biggest concern for the Wildcats will be a lack of depth especially on the offensive and defensive lines.  If the Wildcats can stay healthy, they should be very competitive by season's end.

Returning Starters:

OL/DL:                  Mitch Bernier                                    6'2"        220lbs.                  SR

OL/DL:                  Taylor Bentley                                  5'8"        290lbs.                  SO

WR:                        Andrew Adams                                 5'10"      150lbs.                  SR

QB/DB:                 Mason Worsham                              6'            150lbs.                  SO

RB/DB:                  Tayler Boone                                     5'9"        165lbs.                  SR

OL/LB:                   Daniel Hays                                        5'11"      180lbs.                  SO

OL/DL:                  Christopher Thomlinson                      6'2"        190lbs.                  SR

RB/DB:                  Jake Edore                                          6'            180lbs.                  JR

TE/DE:                   John Vereen                                      6'1"        180lbs.                  JR

Football Roster:

WR/DB:                    Kaleb Bentley                                   FR

TE/DE:                     Alex Chambless                                  FR

WR/DB:                    Brody Collins                                     FR

OL/DL:                     James Davis                                       FR

QB/R/DB:                Mitch Good                                        FR

OL/DL:                   Clayton Lamar                                   FR

OL/DL:                   Dylan Larkin                                       FR

WR/DB:                  Brady Griffin                                      SO

OL/LB:                   Daniel Hays                                        SO

OL/DE:                  Ethan Lambert                                  SO

OL/DL:                  Tyler Robinson                                 SO

WR/DB:                 Tyler Sharp                                         SO

QB/DB:                 Mason Worsham                              SO

OL/DL:                  Taylor Bentley                                  JR

RB/LB:                   Jake Edore                                          JR

WR/DB:                Michael Johnson                              JR

TE/DE:                   John Vereen                                      JR

WR/DB:                 Andrew Adams                                 SR

OL/DL:                  Mitch Bernier                                    SR

RB/DB:                  Tayler Boone                                     SR

WR/DB:                  Joseph Dixon                                     SR

WR/DB:                 Lee Jacobs                                          SR

OL/LB:                   Christopher Thomlinson                          SR


Sara Ann Willingham
Bray Anna Bullard
Betsy Bostick
Gracie Simmons
Victoria Chambless
Kaycie Eubanks
Jordan Bond
Brooke Simmons
Riley Ford

Toni Hall