Pelham High School Football

Pelham High School - Hornets
Pelham, GA

Region:   1-A

Head Coach:  Jim Morrell

Coaching Staff:  Jackie Duke, Jeray Randall, Lucas Turner, Tony Owens, Ben Willis

Principal:  Ben Willis

2008 Record:  1-9

2009 Record-

Date Opponent     W/L Score
Aug 28 Marion County -L 7-33-
Sep 04 Mitchell County L 27-13
Sep 11 Miller County L 35-8
Sep 18 Terrell County L 28-6
Sep 25 Calhoun County W 14-6
Oct 02  IDLE - -
Oct 09 Bacon County W 27-21
Oct 16 Lanier County W 21-0
Oct 23 Atkinson County  W 47-6
Oct 30 Clinch County L 39-14
Nov 06  Randolph-Clay W -14-13
Nov 13 Greeneville    L  25-0

Type of Offense:  Multiple Pro

Type of Defense:  40

2009 Outlook:    The Hornets are returning many starters on both sides of the ball as well as their entire coaching staff from last season, which saw them break a 33 game losing streak before dropping their final 6 games.  Several  Freshmen look to compete for playing time on both sides of the ball.  They have improved their strength with a rigorous weight training program and look to be a much improved team.  The key to the season is establishing themselves as winners early, but it will come against a tough schedule.  The Hornets must improve in the second half performance of games to be successful this season.  Pelham should have fewer players that have to play both ways, which should help out.

Returning Starters:

R/QB/DB:            Kenny Randall

TE/DL:                   Desmond Smith

RB/DB:                  Randavius Balom

OL/DB:                  D.T. Almond

OL:                         Adam Curles

OL:                         Robert Rackley

OL:                         Jesus Martinez

LB:                          Michael Cochran,  Jr.

DB/RB:                  Darius Thomas

LB:                          Justin Curles

LB:                          Jaime Curles

Football Roster:

QB/DB:                 Caleb Morrell                    5'10"      145lbs                   SO

QB/DB:                 Kenny Randall                   5'11"      145lbs                   JR

RB/LB:                   D.T. Almond                       5'11"      178lbs                   SR

FB/DL:                   Desmond Smith                  6'1"        230lbs                   SR

RB/DB:                  Randavious Balom             5'7"        155lbs                   SR

K:                            Ruben Martinez              5'3"        137lbs                   JR

RB/DB:                  Darius Thomas                  5'9"        165lbs                   JR

R/DB:                    Bo Ross                              6'1"        165lbs                   SR

R/DB:                    Clifford Stewart                5'8"        141lbs                   FR

R/DB:                    Christopher Penny          5'2"        103lbs                   SO

R/DB:                    Javorious Harvey             5'8"        131lbs                   SO

QB/LB:                  Will Melton                        5'8"        160lbs                   JR

R/DB:                    Brendan Cox                      5'9"        143lbs                   JR

QB/DB:                 Rodderick Williams             5'11"      140lbs                   FR

RB/LB:                   Brandon Smith                  5'10"      150lbs                   FR

RB/LB:                   Justin Curles                      5'8"        190lbs                  SR

RB/LB:                   Jamie Curles                      5'8"        225lbs                   SR

R/DB:                    Calvin Shelton                  6'            170lbs                   FR

RB/LB:                   Steven Hornsby              5'5"        134lbs                   FR

R/DB:                    Joel Venegas                     5'9"        140lbs                   FR

R/LB:                     Xavier Almond                  6'1"        175lbs                   SO

FB/LB:                   Michael Cochran, Jr.          5'10"      195lbs                   SR

FB/LB:                   Denzell Jackson                5'10"      180lbs                   FR

R/DB:                    Chris Rumble                     5'7"        145lbs                   FR

OL/DL:                  Jesus Martinez                  6'            195lbs                   JR

OL/DL:                  Adam Curles                      5'10"      185lbs                   SR

OL/DL:                  Robert Dill                          6'1"        190lbs                   SO

OL/DL:                  Robert Rumble                 5'9"        165lbs                   SR

OL/DL:                  Henry Crimley                   6'1"        225lbs                   JR

OL/DL:                  Daniel Munoz                    6'1"        220lbs                   SR

OL/DL:                  Nate Harvey                       5'5"        240lbs                   SO

OL/DL:                  Corey Morgan                   5'8"        235lbs                   FR

OL/DL:                  Kyle Dawson                      5'11"      258lbs                   FR

OL/DL:                  Willie Cannon                   5'3"        135lbs                   SO

OL/DL:                  Tyler Davis                          5'11"      206lbs                   JR

OL/DL:                  Troy Pearson                     5'1"        185lbs                   FR

OL/DL:                  Brandon Burden               5'9"        260lbs                   JR

OL/DL:                  James Judkins                   6'1"        240lbs                   SO

OL/DL:                  Michael Burden                5'5"        226lbs                   SO

OL/DL:                  Robert Rackley                 5'11"      205lbs                   SR

OL/DL:                  Corey Curry                        5'5"        195lbs                   FR

R/DB:                    Norman Givens                    5'5"        140lbs                   FR