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Region 1-A East

Clinch County High Football

Clinch County High School  - Panthers
Homerville, GA

Region:   1-A

Head Coach:  Jim Dickerson       

Coaching Staff:  Eric Richeson, Winston Peterson, Don Tison, Jeremy Edwards, Allen Handley, Mitch Ramsey, Tim Carroll, Albany Pope

Principal:  Alvin Henderson

2008 Record:  9-3

2009 Record-

Date Opponent     W/L Score
Aug 28   Charlton County L- 0-38-
Sep 04 Irwin County L 7-14
Sep 11 Randolph-Clay W 27-12
Sep 18 Calhoun County  W 40-0
Sep 25 Miller County L 7-0
Oct 02 Bacon County W 33-6
Oct 09 Lanier County W 40-0
Oct 16 Atkinson County W 63-12
Oct 23 IDLE - -
Oct 30 Pelham W 39-14
Nov 13 Marion Co.       W         34-7 
Nov 20 Emanuel Co.       W         39-28
Nov 27 Holy Innocents       W         35-27
Dec 4 Wilcox Co.       L         20-14


Type of Offense:  Pro I

Type of Defense:  5-2

2009 Outlook:    The young Panthers are full of potential, but short on playing experience.  There is a lot of youthful enthusiasm on the 2009 Panther football team.  The team is led by Vintavious Cooper at Quarter Back, and Zack Thomas and Trey Richardson on Defense.

Returning Starters:


QB:         Taye Cooper                   SR

TB:          Anthony McNeil               JR

OT:         Clay Cross                       SR

C:            Davis Bruorton                 SR

OT:         Deshawn Andrews           JR


LB:          Zack Thomas                      JR

LB:          Trey Richardson                 JR

CB:         Tray Dorsey                        JR

DT:         Keith Paisley                     SR

NG:        Daniel Spivey                    SR

Football Roster:

WR/DB:      Dexter Edwards              SR

WR/DB:      Tony Williams                   SR

RB/LB:        Dalton Bennett                 SO

WR/DB:       Ethan Guess                    SR

RB/LB:         Trey Richardson               JR

WR/DB:       Ashton Hendrix                 SO

WR/DB:         Fred Tiller                        SO

QB/DB:         Vintavious Cooper            SR

RB/LB:          Zack Thomas                      JR

TE/DE:         Callan Windham                JR

WR/DB:         Elprict Kelsaw                   JR

QB/DB:           Damian Magby                  JR

WR/DE:          Michael Jackson               JR

WR/DB:           Matthew Riley                  JR

RB/DE:             Kenyun Morehead          FR

WR/DB:            Chris Thornton                  SO

WR/DB:              Micheal Lamie                  SO

RB/LB:             Gaylon McNeil                     FR

RB/DB:            Trayvolis Dorsey                 JR

RB/LB:                Anthony McNeil               JR

RB/DB:                Rashad Grant                   SO

QB/DB:                Frederick Coller                 FR

WR/LB:               Kenneth White                 SO

WR/DB:                James Landrum                SO

OL/DL:                  Keith Paisley                     SR

TE/DE:                   Trevor Posley                    JR

TE/DE:                   Jessie Futch                       FR

WB/DE:                  Caleb Thompson              FR

OL/DL:                  Zach Smith                          SR

OL/DL:                  Zackery Handley              SR

OL/DL:                  Earnest Taylor                   JR

OL/DL:                  Deshaun Andrews           JR

OL/DL:                  Russell Beverley              FR

OL/DL:                  Dondre Thomas                SR

OL/DL:                  Frankie Swinson              SO

OL/DE:                  Chad Flintroyal                 FR

OL/DL:                  Khadarius Cleveland      SO

OL/DL:                  Caleb Lingefelt                 FR

OL/DL:                  Brandon Jordan                JR

OL/DL:                  Trey Dickerson                  SR

OL/DL:                  Shae Bell                             FR

OL/DL:                  Davis Bruorton                  SR

OL/DL:                  Jacob Smith                        SR

OL/DE:                  Derrick Touchton             FR

OL/DE:                  Clay Cross                           SR

OL/DL:                  Bobby Pittman                  SR

OL/DL:                  AJ Martin                             SR

OL/DE:                  Jerry Herrin                        SO

RB/DL:                  Daniel Spivey                    SR



Annelise Brown
Breanna Handley
Brittney Davis
Daphne Browning
KistiAnna Dickerson
Marin Landrum
Shalonda Tolbert
Ivey Fortner
Madison Teston
Sarah Davis
Tiffany James
Bianca Day
Grace McLaine
Kelly Dupree
Besty Anna Wilson - Field Captain
Kinsey McCain - Field Captain
Courtney Davis - Supervising Captain
Kelly James - Supervising Captain

Drum Majors:
Emily Butler

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Clinch County High School     

2009 Football Schedule

Aug 28 Charlton County (2-AA)Away
Sep 04 Irwin County (2-A)Home
Sep 11 Randolph-Clay (1B-A)Home
Sep 18 Calhoun County (1B-A)Away
Sep 25 Miller County (1B-A)Home
Oct 02 Bacon County (1A-A)*Away
Oct 09 Lanier County (1A-A)*Home
Oct 16 Atkinson County (1A-A)*Home
Oct 30 Pelham (1A-A)*Away
Nov 06 Region Playoff Away-Region Playoff

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