WALB's Most Wanted: Otis Sims

40-year old Otis Sims is a prison parolee who served time for voluntary manslaughter in Worth County.

Dawson Police are looking for him, because he pulled a shotgun on one of their officers.

Police say they were looking for Sims in a domestic violence case and spotted him riding a bicycle. When an officer started chasing him, Sims took a curve too fast and wrecked his bike.

The cop car ran over the bike, then Sims turned around and pulled a shotgun out of a garbage bag and pointed it at the officer.

Then he ran behind a house and disappeared.

He's wanted on all kinds of charges including aggravated assault on an officer for pointing that shotgun at him.

He's 5'4", 148 pounds. His last known address was on Gordon Street in Dawson. Now folks, this guy is armed and dangerous and needs to be off the streets.

If you know where he is, please call Dawson Police at (229) 995-4414.