Viewpoint: The Anchorage does a great job

America's cold war with Russia produced some relics of national defense that remain part of South Georgia's landscape, if you know where to look.

Parts of old Nike missile sites near Sylvester and Albany are still standing.

And for half a century, the one off Dawson Road in Lee County has been home to one of the most effective alcohol treatment centers we know of: The Anchorage.

The Anchorage's treatment program is totally free of government money-- and meddling-- and it is a Bible-based curriculum that helps men break the bondage of alcohol addiction with an 80% success rate.

That is very successful by anyone's standards!

The anchorage is full right now, and there is a waiting list for men who would like to come into the program. The tough economy and job losses have caused a large increase in the number of people seeking help with addiction.

And for this reason, it very important that society have as many people as possible helping turn the economic wheel, not chained to the bottle.

At $485 per man per month, the Anchorage is a great bargain that returns men to their families as functioning members of society. None of that cost is passed on to the clients, but is provided by the Methodist Church and by individual contributions.

We say this is one of the best charitable contributions that anyone could make, and we encourage you to help the Anchorage if you can...

If you would like to help, call the Anchorage at 229-435-5692.