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Prostitutes busted in Albany

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Drug agents nab a dozen suspected prostitutes and two suspected pimps in just a few hours in Albany. The busts happened last week, but Major Bill Berry won't say where and just how it happened since he's planning more stings in the future.

He says agents arrested people on every side of town and that there is wide-spread and wide-open criminal activity taking place, with no fear from the criminals. It's what's surprised him most about taking over command of the drug squad again. He said nabbing prostitutes was like hunting over a baited field.

He said, "Residential areas, business areas, so it wasn't restricted and so if it's that prevalent, then other things are out there also and we're seeing that in some of the drug trade, too. It's just kind of gotten wide-open."

Berry says he's working to get the drug unit back to full force. He currently has five openings within his department.


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