WALB's Most Wanted: Gary Martell Yeoman

This is 27-year-old Gary Martell Yeoman, Jr. of Berrien County, who's been on the run for a year and a half.

He's wanted in three Georgia counties and in Florida for grand theft auto, felony bad checks and probation violation.

Yeoman is a construction worker known to travel around the Southeast.

Police say he has a penchant for deposit account fraud, forging checks, and just generally taking other people's money.

Yeoman is 6'2", 200 pounds and his last known address was 155 Heward Keefe Road in Nashville, but he's long gone from there.

We first featured him on Most Wanted in December 2007, and a man from Tennessee called us just last week to say he saw Yeoman on walb.com and recognized him as a man who stole from him in that state.

If you see him, call the Berrien County Sheriff's Office at 229-563-2056.