Viewpoint: Mission of the Food Bank

The Food Bank of Southwest Georgia serves 20 of the poorest counties in the state. The group recently ramped up a program to make sure food gets to people who need it in those counties.

The Farm Bill that Congress passed last year included more money for programs that help feed the hungry. The Food Bank is using its share to crank up its Manna Truck Mobile Food Bank and send it into more communities.

Since February, it has delivered food directly to people in need in communities throughout the Food Bank's service area two or three times a month. Each time, the Manna Truck has been met by long lines of people grateful for the help.

The Food Bank has barely had enough volunteers to handle the crowds.

We praise the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia for reaching out to people in need, and we encourage you to support their good work.

If you'd like to volunteer to help distribute food, or if you'd like to donate food or money, call the Food Bank at 883-5959. They could use your help, and so could thousands of deserving families in south Georgia.