Viewpoint: Politicians, play nice!

As we have seen lately, some of our elected officials can't control themselves.

We wish they would realize, their poor public behavior just helps others convince business & industry prospects that South Georgia cannot be counted on, for logical, dependable behavior.

Mayor Adams went off at a WG&L board meeting challenging board members to a lie-detctor test.

Well, Carol Fullerton is back on the board, and the mayor almost got the city in an expensive law suit. If he had his facts straight first, none of that would have been necessary...

And Representative Dukes, in an embarrassing confrontation outside city hall, comparing who has more credit cards, and throwing his wallet on the ground.

Yes Mr. Dukes, money for your district is granted as favors, or pulled for bucking the party in power, and you know that. You should be working the system to help us, not hurt us.

Our elected officials should act like respectable gentlemen, or get out of public service, acting like bullies in a school yard, is not helping us one bit.