Viewpoint: Smile for the camera

As you know, years ago, the city passed a requirement, that all convenience stores install surveillance cameras.

This has paid off big time, in the capture of numerous convenience store robbers.

It has also helped to protect the public, by serving as a deterrent some who may consider a similar robbery. At the very least, the quick arrest of so many, has taken the bad guys off the streets, so they can't do it again.

Several fast food robberies, including the recent two at Taco Bell and Subway on North Slappey, highlight the need for a similar surveillance camera requirement, in all fast food restaurants. Some have already taken this step, but it should required in them all.

Let's face it, most of us now pay at the pump, and are not in as much danger at a convenience store, as we are in a fast food restaurant, where we, and our family, could be for 30 minutes to an hour.

We call on our City and County to pass this requirement as quickly as possible. We know It's a tough year to ask for such an added expense.

But remember, the same tough economy is what's driving the increase in robberies.

This day and time, it's time for you to notice which stores and restaurants have surveillance cameras. Know that's where you and your family are the safest. The stores that spend the money to keep us safe, are the ones that deserve your business the most.