Clean hands are still the best medicine

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Public Health and the CDC continue to urge good hygiene practices like hand washing to cut down on the potential spread of the H1-N1 virus, but which is better soap and water or hand sanitizer?

Health officials say technically either one will do. The only concern for children is that they don't get hand sanitizing products in their mouths.

Some south Georgia schools prefer the hand sanitizing stations for older students and hand washing for young students, but unless you've got a big mess either one is a good practice.

"If the hands are grossly contaminated with mud or dirt or whatever then certainly soap and water's going to be more effective, but hand sanitizer that has greater than 60% alcohol is going to be effective," said S.W. Ga. Public Health Deputy Director Brenda Greene.

In addition to keeping your hands clean, they also recommend not touching a lot of common surfaces to cut down on the amount of germs you encounter.

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