Viewpoint: Oh Carol!

Once again, city leaders are not doing what we elected them to do.

With major problems to be solved, they are wasting our time on purely vindictive issues.

WG&L board member Carol Fullerton was removed after not attending three meetings in person. She did notify the board she could not be there due to her General Assembly meetings in Atlanta, but was available by conference call.

A phone call or e-mail proxy is a common arrangement on many boards, to allow quality board members to stay involved, informed, and able to vote on key board issues. In cities our size, we must make these allowances in order to attract and maintain a quality board of directors.

We need look no further than our own City Commission, to see representatives that show up for every meeting, but do a poor job of representing our best interests. We all know board members must be replaced if they just don't show and cannot be reached to vote on essential board business.

This was certainly not the case here.

Many times the most obvious answer is the correct one. We believe this was political payback for Fullerton's co-sponsorship of the push to let voters decide about city-county consolidation. Notice the complete absence of any further discussion by city leaders about giving voters this very important choice.

It is a shame the only backbone on the city commission was shown by Roger Marietta, stating: "This was a misinterpretation of our own resolution."