Viewpoint: APD's new trikes are expensive

We are still scratching our heads over the purchase last week, of two $10,000 tricycles, by the Albany Police Department. Yes the 3-wheeled, T-3's, a one person patrol vehicle looks the latest invention, and really cool with their lights, siren, and maneuverability.

City manager Al Lott said the new machines can help one patrolman do the work of two downtown. Well downtown has very few large crowd events, and downtown is not where the crime is going on, where we need the help...

The main issue of course, is this a real need, or just a toy someone wants. What's wrong with the ten speed bikes that have been successfully used for years?

We are struggling with massive budget cuts by city departments, trying to cover over a $1 million shortfall in revenue collections. Is this an example of the pet projects, where we will waste away the MEAG money, taken away from WG&L subscribers?

We need a dramatic reduction in crime immediately. We are willing to spend money on that. We need to completely eliminate gang activity. We are willing to spend more money on that. We do not need $10,000 tricycles for our police force.