Nearly $2 million is available to weatherize homes

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nearly $2 million is available in Albany to help you save money and put contractors back to work.

The Department of Community and Economic Development will use the stimulus money to weatherize the homes of low and middle income homeowners.

"One persons home I did his light bill was about $300 per month and we went in and weatherized the house and the bill came down to $260," John Thompson, Thompson Construction.

John Thompson does the work, sealing doors, windows and attics to helping homeowners save on energy costs.

"I see work every month, I see two to three homes per month," said Thompson.

There may be more work for him to do because the department of Community and Economic development is getting a lot more money.

"Because of the additional stimulus money the city will have an opportunity to provide $1.9 million in stimulus weatherization money," said Latoya Cutts, Community & Economic Dev. Dir.

The $1.9 million is up from $100,000, it's money that will help homeowners who qualify cut costs upwards of 30 percent.

"One of the largest burdens on homeowners is the utility bills especially for low to moderate income who are living in homes that are not energy efficient," said Cutts.

Cutts says they expect to help about eight homeowners per month.

"Not only is it more funding for homes, but it's more contracting opportunity for people who want to do weatherization."

"I definitely do I think it's a great thing that we'll get this money," said Thompson.

"Those small contractors that are out there can come in and find out from our department how they can take advantage to do work for the homeowners," said Cutts.

The department has until 2012 to spend the money; the income limit was also raised so more people qualify for the help.

Community and Economic Development encourage the elderly, people with children, and the disabled to apply.

For more information, contact the Department of Community and Economic Development at (229) 483-7650.

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