Frequently Asked Questions


Q.       How do I go about disputing my ad valorem tax notice?

A.       If your property value is increased, you have 30 days from date of notice to file an appeal to the Board of Assessors, and if denied, then appeal to the Board of Equalization or to arbitration. (See "Lower Your Taxes" on the website.)

Q.       Do I need a lawyer?

A.       In most cases a lawyer is not required and the appeals process is described under "Lower Your Taxes" on the website.  In addition, one of our goals is to help people understand this process and we offer taxpayer seminars to our members once each year.

Q.       What is arbitration?

A.      If your property tax appeal is denied, you have the right to take your case to arbitration.  You will be required to retain a licensed appraiser who will appraise your property and then argue your claim against the Board of Assessors. (See "Lower Your Taxes" on the website.)

Q.       Can I get a refund if I've been overcharged the previous year?

A.       Yes.  Under Georgia law (OCGA SEC 48-5-380), a taxpayer has 3 years to file a claim for a refund with the County Board of Commissioners. You as the taxpayer must show that your property was "erroneously or illegally assessed."

Q.        What will your association do for me?

A.      Click here to read about membership benefits.

Q.        How do I become a member?

A.       Click here to print the membership form.

Q.     Is the Dougherty County Taxpayer Association a non-profit?

A.     While we have not filed for 501(C) 3 status, we are a totally volunteer not- for-profit organization with no salaried employees.

Q.     Is my membership fee or donation tax deductible?

A.     Always check with your tax advisor regarding tax deductions. In general, tax advice or contributions rendered for such are usually tax deductible.  We use membership fees and donated funds to advise ad valorem taxpayers and to represent them in court (as a class or as individuals).  Although we are a not-for-profit organization, we have a higher degree of financial flexibility without the 501(c) 3 status.

Q.      How is the money you raise spent?

A.      Click on "Our Budget" on the website, to see the allocations of expenses.