Viewpoint: ASU Founder's Day was fine

By now, Albany residents should be familiar with the "support local  businesses" campaign and many of you, as individuals,  have made a conscious effort to do just that!

We'd like to say  "way to go" to Albany State University for taking that campaign one step further!  Earlier this month, the university hosted its Founder's Day celebration which brought in approximately  1,500 alumni and supporters to our city and for the first time this year, was extended to a two-day event instead of a one-day event.

That extension, in itself, boosted local revenue for hotels, restaurants, gas station, clothing stores., and possibly other local attractions.  On top of that, the university has formed a year-long partnership with local Albany hotels that will continue beyond Founder's Day.

In their announcement, they state this partnership has been designed to provide the best hotel experience for ASU faculty, staff, friends and family, as well as facilitate the Albany area hotels in locating key contacts for events at the university.  The university is encouraging those same faculty and staff members, friends and family members to patronize those area hotel partners for all their accommodation needs this year.

What a mutually-beneficial relationship!  Hats off to you Albany State and to the area hotel partners for setting the example that hopefully, will be the model for other institutions and businesses.