Viewpoint: City wants control of electric money

It speaks volumes, concerning the timing of the city commission's vote to add the Mayor as a full voting member of the Water, Gas, & Light board of Directors.

I'm sure it was just a coincidence that WG&L was also considering how to handle a $100 million rebate or credit from MEAG, the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia.

We can all easily see why the city wants control of the money, but is it theirs to take?

The customers of WG&L are the ones who contributed these funds to MEAG over the last several years, now being refunded. Why should the funds not go right back to those customers in the form of rate reductions? Right now it is needed more than ever.

This is a perfect example of why the WG&L board was set up separately, to avoid political greed from interfering with the normal and ethical business plans of a utility.

The smoke & mirrors explanation of why the Mayor needed to become a voting member was, WG&L commissioner Carol Fullerton, winning a Georgia House seat in District 151. If it was impossible for her to make monthly board meetings, she should be replaced on the board, end of story.

Everyone including Mrs. Fullerton would understand that. This baloney change in the City Charter was to insert politics and Commission control into this vital utility.

Make no mistake this was a power grab, and more importantly, a money grab from WG&L customers.