Viewpoint: Weather Thanks, Red Cross reminder

Mother Nature has shown us recently that she's still the boss. After enduring a drought that dragged on for a number of years, the heavens opened up the last couple of weeks, and drenched South Georgia with more rain that we could handle in a short time span.

Some of our viewers report as much as 18 inches of rain in an eight-day period. With all that rain came big problems for many.

All this rain has made us appreciate some people that we tend to forget about until we need them. They are the people in law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, highway department, public works, and other state and local agencies.

They have worked hard to keep us safe in the dangerous conditions of the past couple of weeks. They'll be dealing with effect of all this water on our roads and the homes of many of our friends and neighbors.

Many of you have volunteered to help those in need. Thank you. And there are always agencies like the Red Cross, always there for those who need the help the most. In these difficult economic times, these Charitable agencies are having a difficult time as well.

We urge those who can, to give so those in need will continue to get the help they need in their most desperate times. Again Thank you.