Viewpoint: More taxes for roads?

There' s a battle going on in the state legislature about whether to add a penny to our sales tax to pay for road improvements.

The House wants a statewide one cent tax, while the Senate wants to allow counties to band together and form regional alliances to vote on raising the tax.

Either way, both chambers are calling for a sales tax hike.

We say "no" to an additional penny tax, and call on lawmakers to look elsewhere for funding.

For starters, how about requiring adults in pickup trucks to wear seatbelts?

We're now the ONLY state in the nation that doesn't require it, and as a result, we've lost millions of dollars in federal road money.

So... here you go lawmakers - a chance to accomplish two things at once:

Require ALL Georgia drivers to wear seat belts. Save lives AND earn back that federal road money we could so desperately use.

Then, we won't need to raise the state sales tax by a penny.