Viewpoint: Rynders' voting bill is wrong

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia is now struggling with numerous very important issues: massive unemployment, budget cuts, Trauma care, water shortages, transportation, education.

You know this list too well.

What legislation did our local District 152 Representative Ed Rynders choose to sponsor?

House Bill #225, designed to prevent anyone from outside Georgia coming to our state to help with voter registration. This is a blatant attempt to trample on the constitution and suppress voting rights, because some did not like the outcome of the last election.

This stupid proposed bill, also makes illegal anyone participating in voter registration drives under the age of 18. As hard as we all work to increase the interest in politics and the importance of voting by our young people.

Shame on you sir. If that's the best you've got, you are wasting our time.

Very sad for our community, our state and our country that any elected official, would go out in public and state what he did.

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