Viewpoint: Motorcycle helmets make good sense

We recently reported that the Georgia legislature is considering a bill that would allow motorcycle riders over 21, with $10,000 in medical insurance to ride their two-wheelers without wearing a helmet if they want to.

It's hard to see the logic in such a law.

While a car has plenty of metal and padding that can help protect passengers when a wreck happens, a motorcycle doesn't.

And if we require the use of seat belts in a vehicle that is inherently safer than a motorcycle, what's the sense in riding a motorcycle without at least the minimum protection that a helmet provides?

Some states have helmet-optional laws, and many riders choose not to wear what some call the 'brain bucket.'

We understand the desire for freedom that is a huge part of the joy and fun of owning and riding motorcycles, but the downside of riding without a helmet is just too much to allow.

We think that helmets ought to remain required, and their use should be encouraged.