Guest Editorial: ChalkFest

ChalkFest is bringing in a dozen professional chalk artists from Georgia and Florida, and downtown will become a giant canvass.

  Guest Editorial: Benefit concert for South GA

David M. Carlton, President Community Foundation of South Georgia, Inc. talks about Luke Bryan and others coming to the Fairgrounds

Editorial: FDA warns of vaping epidemic

Vaping may be the “in” thing for teens, but the FDA says is a dangerous epidemic.

Editorial: We remember 9/11

We will always remember, and we will never forget, that we are truly all Americans who share so much more that bind us together, than can ever divide us.

Editorial: Donate, don’t incinerate your Nike apparel

Instead of destroying your Nike apparel, donate it to homeless veterans and those in need.

Editorial: Are MEAG funds being invested or wasted?

In a ten year period, Albany city officials will receive an estimated $84 million in funding from MEAG, the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia. What do we have to show for that money?

Editorial: Activists stand for what's right in Randolph Co. poll closing proposal

Last week the Randolph County Election Board voted against a controversial proposal to shut down seven of the county's nine voting precincts, all of which are in predominantly African American communities.

Editorial: 'Young Gamechangers'

Last week, a group of 48 young professionals came together to present their findings to better the city of Albany. The group, called 'Young Gamechangers,' is made up of folks from all over Georgia, and have been meeting for most of this year.

Editorial: The Two Georgia's on the ballot this year

Election season is here, and state politicians are on the campaign trail in South Georgia cities talking about how important you are. Many candidates say they understand our frustration.  However, do they really?

Editorial: Protecting Albany's Water is essential

The Flint Riverkeeper has an expert checking the e-coli levels on South Georgia creeks and the Flint River every week, to keep a close watch on water quality issues.

Editorial: We need better answers to earn our vote

We just witnessed a run-off election in Georgia's governor's race that was sad for several reasons.

  Editorial: South Georgia's economy is on the upswing

For too long, the c has been struggling, or just treading water. Several signs tell us that is about to get MUCH better.

Editorial: Do back-to-school right

Immunizations – check!  School supplies – check! Dress Code – check!  School safety – check! It's that time across SW Georgia and we want to remind you of some important matters related to back to school!

Editorial: Attend a Riverkeeper meeting

Sewer overflows that have happened near the Flint on multiple occasions this year are just what we don't need.

Editorial: Flint River Trails is positive for the community

Expanding the popular Flint River Walk through the community and even outside Albany's borders, is one step closer to becoming a reality.  Last Tuesday community leaders unveiled their master plan for the flint river recreational trail.

Editorial: Operation Southern Shield is working

The results speak for themselves. In 2017, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety reported that "Operation Southern Shield" led to a drop in fatal crashes on Georgia roads.

Editorial: Will trade war kill our pecan crop?

President Donald Trump has said for years that American companies are short-changed and over-charged by foreign governments when it comes to fees those countries charge on the products they import from us.

Editorial: 4th of July concert a Ginuwine problem

Holidays are often days we get to spend with our families, and Albany's Fourth of July downtown celebration was billed to be just that. However, many residents took to social media to complain about one of the artists selected to perform.

Editorial: School District contract doesn't make the grade

School is out for the Summer, but the Dougherty County School Board is NOT making the grade!

Editorial: Armed forces appreciation- Heroes Among Us

Very few of us will ever think about concerns of an attack on our nation by a foreign country.  Or how will we protect our families because of battles raging at the end of our street.

Editorial: Something stinks in downtown Albany

Twice in the last two months, city equipment malfunctions have caused thousands of gallons of sewage and wastewater to spill into the Flint River. The result is not only a terrible odor in the downtown area, on the brink of revitalization, but the loss of new business in the heart of downtown.

  Guest Editorial: Georgia's hands-free law

Starting July 1, drivers can no longer have a phone or any stand-alone electronic device in their hands or supported by any part of their body if they want to talk on their phones while driving.

Editorial: Suicide- silent agony

Celebrities make national news, but the common person's suicide is just as devastating to their loved ones, even if it doesn't make the news.

Guest Editorial: Men’s Health Week

As Phoebe's Community Benefit Coordinator, I have organized many events over the years aimed at improving the health of those in our community.

Editorial: It's time, again, to vote on consolidation

We have said this for years, and we say it again, the citizens of Albany and Dougherty County should vote on the consolidation of city and county governments.

Editorial: Teachers and guns

Recently, the Fannin County school board in north Georgia voted unanimously to arm teachers with guns who volunteer to carry them.

Editorial: Kim Davis and same sex marriage

Same sex marriage is the law of the land. Rowan County Kentucky Clerk, Kim Davis, refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples citing her religious objections to these unions. Clerk Davis, who is an elected official, took an oath to obey the laws of her state and of the United States of America.

Editorial: Immigration security

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, a longtime advocate of strong border security, has co-sponsored legislation that will financially penalize local and state governments that defy federal law and become so-called “sanctuary cities” that shelter illegal immigrants and protect them from deportation.

Editorial: Kay Hind recognized

Kay Hind has worked tirelessly for senior citizens for almost 50 - plus years!

Editorial: Rise in Property Taxes

A lot of property owners are upset that Dougherty County Commissioners voted this week to raise property taxes.  We understand that no one wants to pay more taxes, but every now and then, increasing taxes is the right thing to do.Dougherty County leaders have been frugal, managing the county’s finances well through tough times.  They haven’t raised taxes in ten years.But that has led to a major problem.

Editorial: Graduation Rate Jumps

For years, Dougherty County’s high school graduation rate has lagged far behind the state average.Recently, the state honored two Albany schools for drastic increases.

Editorial: Rails to Trails Project

Albany and Lee County leaders haven't always gotten along or worked together well.  The new Rails to Trails project could be the catalyst to change that.

Editorial: Albany State University Economic Impact

Albany is blessed to have institutions of higher learning. Not just for educating our citizens, but also for the economic benefit they generate.

Editorial: Same Sex Marriage

Governor Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens showed true leadership in announcing Georgia would abide by the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states.The attorney generals office and council of probate judges worked quickly to make sure new marriage license applications were sent to county probate judges not long after the ruling came down.Were primarily telling our probate judges, youve sworn to uphold and defend the constitut...

Editorial: Affordable Care Act

Last week The Supreme Court of the United States in a 6-3 vote, upheld the issue of federal subsidies for the Affordable Care Act.Even justices Roberts and Kennedy two Republican appointees, agreed with the decision.Now that this issue has been settled once and for all, its time for the state of Georgia to move to expand Medicare and Medicaid.Georgia is one of the 16 states, colored here in Orange, where Republican leadership refused to make any change that might assist Obama Care in a...

Editorial: 4th of July Celebration

It is great news Albanys July Fourth celebration is returning to downtown this weekend.The city has done a great job planning a family oriented movie, concert and of course fireworks at the Civic Center.The planning has also included added security to prevent the problems that happened the last time the event was held downtown.The security plan has been finalized so people can expect a strong presence of police, said Phyllis Banks, APD Media Manager.The Exchange Club of Albany deserves...

Editorial: Junior Police Program

In recent months, we've seen stories in the news about violent, even deadly interactions between citizens and police. Some have sparked riots in other parts of the country.In many cases, there is a disconnect between the job police have to do, and the public they're sworn to protect.Last week, teenagers in Thomasville got a chance to see what it truly means to be a police officer.For the entire week, kids joined the Junior Law Enforcement program to get a behind the scenes look at a day in th...

Editorial: Dylann Roof's Reaction

Dylann Roof is now charged with 9 counts of murder after confessing to killing 9 innocent people in a downtown Charleston church.According to a report, Roof told officers he wanted to quote " kill black people to start a race war".We can all be proud to say Roof's horrendous acts of evil have instead started an avalanche of love.In the midst of all this heart break across our country, it has been so encouraging to see people from all walks of life coming together to love one another.Black, wh...

Editorial: Disposing of American Flags

Many of us take pride in displaying the American Flag in front of our homes and businesses. But when it comes time to replace that flag, make sure you dispose of it the right way.We commend Advanced Disposal in donating flags to the Boy Scouts, American Legion and other civic groups who make sure they are retired the proper way.David Dent "We saw this wasn't being handled properly. We thought this is a way we could step in and be a part of our community. Take care of our American flag the way...

Editorial: Change Has Come

Change has come to Albany and Dougherty County as we say farewell to three dedicated public servants.Major Bill Berry with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit, Fire Chief James Carswell, and Jim Vaught, Deputy Director of the Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management Agency are retiring.Carswell and Berry both have over 40 years of service in firefighting and law enforcement respectively.Vaught served as Deputy EMA director for eight years after retiring from the United States Marine Corps.All three h...

Editorial: City Manager Position

Albany city leaders owe taxpayers an explanation.They offered the downtown manager job to a candidate without publicizing the offer and before completing an in-depth background check. Once that check was completed, city leaders put the offer on hold, but only after sending the candidate a 3-thousand dollar check for moving expenses.City attorney Nathan Davis is dodging our questions about why the job offer was kept secret.We also want to know what happened to that 3-thousand dollars, whether ...