Most Wanted

  Most Wanted: Joshua Aaron Quattlebaum

Albany police are looking for a man wanted on several charges.

Most Wanted: Jessie Hufstetler

WALB’s Most Wanted: Dontavious ‘June June’ Thomas

Most Wanted: Daniel Williams, Jr.

Most Wanted: Thomasville armed robber

Most Wanted: George Robert Sparks

Most Wanted: Sammy Reed

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Most Wanted: Akeem Hines

Most Wanted: Cedric Woodard

Most Wanted: Aaron Jones

WALB’s Most Wanted: Coleman Hanna

‘Most Wanted’ Coffee Co. man caught in Colorado

Most Wanted: Jessica Estep

  Most Wanted: Hansel Brown

A fugitive who eluded a manhunt in Coffee County remains on the run. Deputies say Hansel Ashley Brown ran following a traffic stop July 23rd on Highway 221.

Most Wanted: Willie Anthony Gilbert

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is looking for a man who is wanted on multiple felony charges.

  Most Wanted: Suspected Colquitt Co. rapist

A wanted rapist remains on the run nearly seven years after a violent assault.

Most Wanted: Maurita Robinson

Albany Police is looking for another suspect in an illegal check cashing operation. Maurita Robinson, 29, has outstanding warrants for her arrest on charges of printing and executing fraudulent checks.

  Most Wanted: Ricky Lee Jones

Most Wanted: Brandon Harris

Most Wanted: South Albany shooting persons of interest