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Phoebe employees learn to eat healthy on the run

Phoebe Putney Hospital employees learn how to eat healthier, even on the run.

Zonya Foco, a nationally-known nutritionist, hosted a lunch and learn for Phoebe employees Friday.

A registered dietitian and best selling author,

Zonya says even fast food can be healthy, if you buy the right items.

"You got to look for the better choices. A grilled chicken sandwich is a better choice. Chili. Wendy's, love that. Loaded with tomatoes . beans. Oh my goodness. These beans will sponge cholesterol right out of you. The tomatoes help fight prostate cancer," said Foco.

Zonya suggests meals loaded with vegetables and fruits at home, and less meat. She will be a speaker at Phoebe's Women's Health Conference tomorrow from 8 to 1.

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