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Neighbors react to elderly woman's murder arrest

Neighbors tell us they are shocked by the arrest of an elderly woman charged with killing her husband 41-years ago.

76-year old Mary Ann Rivera of Lowndes County is accused of pouring hot grease on her husband in Texas back in 1970.

He subsequently died from complications of those burns and his wife disappeared.

Turns out she's been living here in South Georgia for years.

She's headed back to Texas to face murder charges.

Neighbors say Mary Ann Rivera is a nice, sweet lady. When deputies arrived at her apartment last Tuesday to arrest her for the murder of her husband Cruz Rivera in 1970, they were in disbelief. Lorraine Robertson says Rivera called her and told her to come over.

"She said they're taking me to jail and I was just shocked," said Robertson. "She was nervous."

Robertson says she fastened Rivera's seatbelt.

"I helped her get her little shoes on and helped her get in the truck because she wasn't hardly able to walk," said John Lehman.

"She essentially greeted us at the door and told us she had been waiting on us for 40 years," said Lowndes County Lt. Stryde Jones.

"She's just a sweet innocent old lady she'd do anything for you and she cooked for us," said Lehman. "She's just a sort of like a mother to me."

Neighbors say they're worried about Rivera because she's elderly and has health issues and they're hoping that somehow she'll be able to go ahead and come on home and live out the rest of her days.

"I'm putting my faith in God because he can do anything and I know he will bring her home," said Robertson.

Investigators say she poured grease on her husband in 1970 in Texas and he later died. Since then they say she's been living in south Georgia. Her family lives close by.

Now her apartment is empty and neighbors say they're sad that she's gone.

Texas authorities picked up Rivera from the Lowndes County Jail.

We checked with the Harris County, Texas jail this afternoon and they told us Rivera has not been booked on murder charges there yet.

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