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Young voters get a lesson in E-SPLOST

Dougherty County School Officials talk with new voters about how they'll spend E-SPLOST revenue if voters approve extending the 1-cent sales tax in November.

Darton College's Democrat Independent Republican Team Club held a forum about the tax Thursday.

Many students are first-time voters who have never encountered an E-SPLOST on a ballot.

They learned that while property taxes and state money pay for day to day operations and salaries, sales tax revenue covers building renovations, new classrooms, and new technology for schools.

"Technology funds used to come from a variety of other sources but since SPLOST was approved and the government allowed technology to be purchased with SPLOST money that's your networks and servers and down to classroom computers, that technology, money from other sources has pretty much gone away," said R.D. Harter, Dougherty County Schools Public Information Director.

The E-SPLOST referendum would not create a new tax.

If it passes, It would continue the current tax.

Construction plans at all four high schools are dependant on its approval.

It would generate an estimated 100-million dollars over five years.

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