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Albany looks to Hollywood for help in removing an eyesore

24-hours and counting until Albany city leaders learn whether they can tear down a hulking eyesore they've tried for years to get rid of.

Greenbriar Holdings, the owner of the Heritage House Hotel, has until the end of business tomorrow to file an appeal to a jury's ruling ordering them to tear down the building. Capital City Bank is already planning to sell the property on the courthouse steps next month if the bank note isn't paid.

If the city ends up handling the demolition, it could cost a million dollars.

City officials say they're working on two plans, one they won't disclose, but say it's out of the box, the other involves getting Hollywood to bring down this eyesore at little cost to taxpayers.

Neighbors around one of Albany's biggest eyesores are holding their breath waiting for the close of business tomorrow and what could be the beginning of the end of the Heritage House Hotel. City officials are with them.

"I've been in the job almost five years there's no topic that I've dealt with more since I've been here," said Mike Tilson, Albany's Code Enforcement Director.

They don't plan to waste much time getting started once getting the okay to demolish the building.

"Hopefully Monday morning at 9:00 AM Mike Tilson will be over in Mr. Collier's office at Central Services and they'll be getting up the specs to do a bid," said Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis.

They've already been looking at creative ways to turn what already looks like a hollow shell into a pile of rubble and even contacted the Georgia Film Music and Digital Entertainment Office to see if Hollywood might help with the bills.

"To see if some movie company might be interested in helping us blow it up," said Tilson.

Mike Tilson recently got a email from that office.

"They tell me they haven't found anybody interested but we're exploring some other out of the box options," said Tilson.

Because to bring down this monstrosity it could cost more than a million dollars.

"I'm a taxpayer too I live in Albany I would hate to see my tax dollars go to having to tear it down then again I want that thing down," said Tilson.

The good news is if the city gets the go ahead, most of the paperwork is already done.

"The paperwork is just about ready to go already and it will be up to my bosses on when we're going to do that, " said Tilson.

But make no mistake there will still be a lot of work ahead to bring the building down.

The biggest problem is funding this project, it's not in the city's budget this year. City leaders say what they really need is a hero to come in and save the day.

We attempted to contact Greenbrier Holdings and their attorney and our calls were not returned.

Two courts have now ruled in favor of the city that the old hotel should be torn down.

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